Monday, May 2, 2016

Nail polish addict!

Today I have a "nail polish addict' mani, which is for the 'hearts' prompt of #clairestelle8may nail art challenge.

I really had fun doing this mani, I reverse stamped the decals whilst watching Dirty Dancing on cable.   One of my favorite lines from this movie is "where is my beige iridescent lipstick" 😱😂
Sadly though it was late at night and I was tired, so the whole mani turned out a bit sloppier than I would have liked 😔 Coloring in the lines was not my strong suit that night!

I started by stamping the hearts onto my mini Uber mat, using my Jumbo XL sticky stamper that was kindly sent to me by Brittany from UC. Can I just say how awesome this stamper is. It's super sticky and the XL head is perfect for any sized image, and it needed no priming! Worked perfectly straight out of the packet.
I found though that reverse stamping the image onto my mat didn't work, because the image needs to be in reverse to be colored. I could have removed it from the mat and flipped it over, but I found it easier to just use my XL stamper and fill in the images straight on that. Easy!
I also like  using the Uber mat as a table protector, incase there are any spills, it's so easy to clean, my favorite method is to use my lint roller to pick up and polish that has dried.

I combined the conversation hearts from UberChic Love & Marriage -02 with the polish bottle and script images from UberChic plate 7-03. I stamped using MDU Black and filled in the images with the China Glaze Lite Brites collection. I've got to take these from my nail desk, because I find myself using these in just about every mani 😁 I paired the neons with something a little less loud, OPI You're so vain-illa. Top coat is HK Girl.

All UberChic supplies can be purchased here

 XL stamper, brush and mini Uber mat are a PR sample.

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