Friday, May 6, 2016

A sneak peak at the UberChic collection 9! Launching today 06/05/16

Another amazing collection from UberChic Beauty launches today, plate set 9 🤗 It's totally amazing!

I was lucky enough to receive this set a short time ago, and have a sneak peak for you.

As per usual, it's amazing! 😀 This set has a summer vibe, with plate 9-01 being full of fun images such as fruit, flip flops, ice cream, flamingos and tropical flowers. There are also a number of optical illusion images in this set, and some incredibly beautiful floral images. Another feature that I like about UC plates, are the continuous images. I find these great for manicures were I use the same pattern for all nails, it breaks it up by being able to select different parts of the same image.
What makes UC plates so unique in my eyes, are the script images. I just adore these. I like to use these to break up a pattern, I find it ads interest and is great for the accent nail. This set definitely doesn't disappoint in the script department! "Rock star" "Dream with me" "Wonder more."

The quality is on point, and I had no trouble picking up any of the images using my XL sticky stamper, also from UberChic. I did however also test the plates with my C Thru stamper, marshmallow stamper and my original Konad stamper. All of them worked like a charm.

Here are a small selection of images stamped onto my mini Uber mat. As you can see they are all incredible ☺️

It's definitely a must have collection 👍 The price point presents excellent value at $24.99 for 3 full sized plates, and the customer service is second to none. In the past when I placed my order on Friday morning, I would have my order by Monday afternoon. Now that's fast!

 Collection 9 is available for purchase here