Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hydrangea nails of the day

Good morning y'all. I have a busy next couple of days, so I'm pulling one out of the vault today.

Now, call me a liar, but are these not Hydrangeas? 😂 I'm laughing, because I have absolutely no clue what kind of flowers these are, I totally suck at anything flora related. Give me a rose image and I can tell you what they are! So let's call them hydrangeas shall we, humor me.

These Hydrangeas are from UberChic plate 9-02, which you can purchase here: I did this mani a while back, before I was able to release it.

I used a franken base, which I made with white polish, magenta and holo silver glitter. I then stamped the images using MDU Tutti, and my C Thru Stamper. Not sure what the deal with the slight smudging was, I waited my usual 5 minutes or so before top coating. Also the color changed to more of a hot pink, rather than the deep magenta it really is. Top coat is HK Girl.