Saturday, May 7, 2016

Femme Fatale Jasmine.... I hear angels singing 😇

Today on the blog is Femme Fatale Jasmine, from the Enchanted Fables Collection. Not going to lie, this is probably the most beautiful nail polish of all time 😍  Ever. Point, blank, period! Yes I like it as much if not better than Vapid Lacquer Sweaters and Denim 😱 Let's say this is my all time favorite spring/summer polish, whereas Sweaters and Denim is more of a fall/winter color.

I just adore everything about this polish. The color, the thermal shifting power and the sheer sparkling green shift.  I think this would suit all skin tones, and I was pleased that it did not give me lobster hands.

First of all the consistency is a bit tricky, it tends to drag a bit and left a bald spot when overworking it. I suggest three thin coats, with time in between to dry. It dries to a satin sheen, but it's true beauty really shines when top coated. It really brings out the green shimmer.

In its cold state it is a stunning teal green, there is no color more beautiful than this. The name Jasmine is perfect for this polish.

In its transition it's a very pale green almost transparent color, but the green shimmer is also evident in its warm state. The tips somehow stay a darker green, even when my body temperature was up. I love this about the polish, the transition is easily seen.

In its warm state it's a transparent sheer green, stunning!

I can't rave about this polish enough! I refuse to remove it from my Cinderella hand, I just want to stare at it for another two weeks until I get my nails done and will be forced to remove it 😢
I plan on hitting my husband up for some of the other polishes in this collection, for Mother's Day 😉

I purchased this polish from As of this post it is out of stock, but as it is a new release I imagine it will be back shortly.

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