Friday, May 20, 2016

Mother of pearl sea shells

Time to break out all those shimmery shiny polishes I never use! I went for mother of pearl on this one, and I love how it turned out 🐚

I don't know why I don't use shimmery polishes more often, I must put that on my list! I seem to have a tonne of them! I think maybe because they are a pain to clean up, and that sheen seems to hang around forever 😬
This was another opportunity to test my UberChic Nautical mini plate, full of such lovely images. It's available for purchase here

Lets move on to the how to. I started with a white base, and then dry brushed approx 10 colors in a random pattern. I went with pale green, purple, pink, blue, gold, silver and some neutrals. Because it looked a bit too colorful for the mother of pearl effect I was looking for, I ended up putting one coat of KleanColor pearl white over the top of the dry brush. You can still see the colors underneath, because it's quite a sheer polish.

I made decals out of the shell images, because I wanted to take my time with the placement. Because my nails are short at the moment, I knew there was no way to fit the whole image on. Plus I don't like just using the same image on every nail. So I placed them in different positions, and also decided to go with a small shell on my ring finger.
I used MDU Dark grey to stamp with, it's a great alternative to black. Dark enough to see clearly, but a bit softer. Top coat and your done!

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  1. Really, really beautiful, I like it very much! :-)