Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day tribute mani

First of all, Happy Memorial Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and thank you to all those who fought for us,  so we can enjoy the freedom we celebrate every day.

A quick and simple one, and I really like how this came out. However there was no sun to really get a nice picture, which was a pitty because there was holo underneath and it would have made the whole thing sparkle. I had to get my nails done yesterday, which meant removing this beauty, so there was no option on waiting for the weather to clear up to get a better photo,  don't you just hate that πŸ™„ I recently went to the lighting shop in my neighborhood, to buy a new globe for my lightbox set up. I currently have an Ottlite, but it makes my hands look too corpse like. The globe the guy sold me is the complete opposite, I look like an ompaloompa, it's that yellow! Needless to say I'm going to return it. I need a globe that is just slightly warmer that an Ottlite, but still gives a true natural color in pictures. If anyone has any recommendations, that would be much appreciated.  

On to the how now! I started off with two thin coats of ILNP Mega. Couldn't get the cap off EDK Andromeda, my go to silver holo. But I really should buy a back up, because this baby stamps and I have already gone through 1/4 of the bottle 😁 Next I randomly swiped on Colores de Carol Blue Christmas and Candy Marshmallow Apple, both jellies with various sized glitters. I went for a patch work stripes looking pattern, and concentrated polish more in some areas to give a darker red and blue in some sections. Then I used Konad White to stamp the stars, they are from UberChic plate 6-01. Love love love this image. I've done an awesome mani with this image before, you can check it out on my Instagram. And that's it. Simple really, took about 20 minutes.

Enjoy your long weekend, and hope you will join me tomorrow. I have a white ribbon mani coming up next with a bit of a personal story.

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