Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holographic feathers

Dont you just hate it when you've just finished a mani, you sit down to go through 3 days of your I and you come across a mani so similar to the one you've just done it's scary 😳

 Since I've been hooked on watching The Doctor Blake Mysteries, I've neglected my IG for a few days, only stopping in long enough to upload a few pics and replying to some comments left. Damn you TV!

Now I don't know if I perhaps did see the 'other' mani whilst quickly peeking at my feed occasionally,  and without consciously realizing it, did one similar, thinking what I brilliant idea I just had, or what the story was. But anyway I like how it turned out so I'm still posting it ☺️ 

I tried a technique I've never done before, the fan brush. I decided it might be easier to do it on my Ubermat, which is what I ended up doing. I used the ColorClub pastel neon collection, dripped a bit of polish onto a sandwich bag, and fanned it on. I changed sides for every color, so they overlapped. I went darkest to lightest. Easy really. 
Next I stamped the feathers straight onto the fanned polish, using UC Fantastic Feathers plate and ColorClub Beyond for the stamping polish. I peeled it off, cut off the excess and put it over a white base. Done. 

I should have taken a picture of how it was developing on my mat, after the fanning and then the stamping, but I didn't want to interrupt my Doctor Blake watching 🙄  I found I can watch it on my phone whilst I do my nails! That's why my nails are taking twice as long to complete and are probably sloppier than usual 😂

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