Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rainbow gradient butterflies

Hope your week is going well so far. I'm a bit under the weather, my oldest son has managed to pass on his cold to me 🙄 Oh the joys of school germs!

I was having trouble sleeping a few days ago, and somehow my mind went to my polish collection, and specifically to my OPI Color Paints. I haven't used them in a while, since my CG Lite Brites have taken over, so I thought I'd give them some love.

I picked these up at my local beauty shop last year, they used to sell all polishes for $5, Zoya, Essie and OPI. Sadly, the ownership has changed hands recently, so that discounted price no longer applies 😥 It was nice while it lasted. I now rarely buy Essie or Zoya, because of this and because I find so many of their collections similar to colors I already have. They just don't seem worth it for full price, unless there is something super special color wise, I will probably just buy one here or there, not the whole collection like I used to. The joys of being a stay at home mom 😐

Anyway, back to business. I stated out with one coat of My Signature is DC, a silver base to make the colors pop. I prefer this over white, because it just gives that hint of sparkle. I sponged the colors on in a rainbow pattern, which is pretty easy, because they give good coverage in two coats.
Next I stamped the butterfly image from UberChic plate 9-02  I love negative images like these, so many possibilities for bases. I did originally have them shiny, but found them impossible to photograph. There was just way too much shine for a decent picture. So I ended up adding a matte top coat. I like how it turned out matte, it makes the silver base shine through the colors.

Hope you like them too. Tomorrow I have a mani using Snow White from the Femme Fatale Enchnated Fables collection, so pretty and soft 😍


  1. I hope you feel better soon <3
    It is a really beautiful mani!

    1. Thank you Maria, I'm trying to fight it off. Still doing nails though 😄