Monday, May 16, 2016

Peacock Feathers

As soon as I saw the new UC Fabulous Feathers mini, I knew that my first mani was going to be the peacock feathers! How pretty, and the whole peacock color palette just appeals to me.

I went with a white base, even though I was debating using silver. I felt the colors would pop more over white, so white it was. I desperately need to get a new bottle of my go to, Orly White Tips, my bottle is thick and goopy, even though I've thinned it down considerable. Out of all the colors in my collection, I tend to go through white the most. I guess because I use it as a base under many of my neons, and you all know how much I'm loving my neons at the moment 🙄

This one seemed to take forever, mostly because I tried a whole bunch of combinations before I found the one I wanted. I debated using black as a base and stamping different parts of the image with holo colors, but canned the idea because stamping over and over just made it look messy. I tried it out with different base colors, and just wasn't loving it. That's the great thing about the UC mini mat, you can try it all and then just wipe it clean!

So in the end I place different colors directly on the plate and scraped them together.  I used MDU Fiji, spring green, Aqua, taupe and bronze. Some of the colors were lost in the blending, so I ended up making decals and going over it with a bit of MDU Bronze on a liner brush, to bring it together. Next I flipped them over and filled in the bronze and the blue centers.

Overall I like how it came out, looks hand painted rather than stamped 😀
You can purchase the stamping plate here:


  1. The picture does not show - but I saw it on IG - it is really, really beautiful <3

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I was having issues with Blogger yesterday, I have updated it.