Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A England Waltz of the Flowers

Today I have the stunning A England Waltz of the Flowers to share with you. I'm totally obsessed with A England, so expect to see a few more polishes coming up! I'm kind of late to discover this Indie 🙄 It all started with Wuthering Heights, the color the formula it was jut so awesome, I had to buy more 😄

The color is unique, it's a blueish purple holo, with lilac duochrome effects. It's just so pretty!

I paired it with some subtle stamping, image is from UberChic Collection 10, plate 01.

I have a quick tutorial up on my IG. Our power was off for the day yesterday, so it's super short.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review of nail items from BornPrettyStore

Allison from @bornprettyreview was kind enough to send me some fabulous nail art items for review, two of which I have used for this mani. 
I must admit I have been sitting in these for a couple of weeks now 😬 My bad. Sometimes I get so carried away with things, others end up in the back burner.

💜 Item 22749 is a 7ml thermal polish, which changes from a vibrant blue in its warm state, to a deep purple in its cold state. It contains various sized silver glitter, but dries smooth. Application was a breeze, two easy coats and it is fully opaque. $5.99 and you can use my code  SARAG10 for 10% full priced items. 

💜 Item 24059 Clear stamper and scraper. Medium squishy head with a frosted holder. Picked up first time no priming required. $2.99 and you can use my code SARAG10 for 10% off full priced items.  

I swear I sat there for two hours with absolutely no inspiration. This is the best I could come up with 😐 And I do not love them 🙄 

Anyway on to the next one. For anyone who's interested in seeing how I put this one together, video is up on my Instagram @mrsluckyboy85

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mandala love foil mani

Happy Monday!

Today I have a mani I discovered by accident!  I was playing around with some ideas to put over a thermal polish I received for review, which is coming up tomorrow, and this is what I came up with. I have been trying to do a foil stamp on my Ubermat, for ages now. No luck. Until I was digging around in my huge nail art box, and found some foil I had completely forgotten about. It's super crumbly, which makes it perfect for stamping and foiling. My other attempts were with foil that was too sturdy.  I do actually have a mani very early on, on my IG using this technique. Funny how you forget about things like that. 

The trick to using this foil over stamping, is to find the right stamping polish, and to be super quick.  
I found Konad black works best. I tried other brands, but they dried to quick. I found a soft stamper and an image with a thick outline works well. I also turned my A/C off, because being directly under the vent is no good. But then the house was so hot, the polish dried fast anyway 🙄 
I was drawn to the UberChic Mandala plate, so many beautiful images here. I've used foil with these images twice now 😳 

For a look at how I actually did this, please head over to my IG, I have a video up there. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Watercolor abstract flowers

Today on the blog I want to share some water colored abstract flowers, using UberChic plate 10-01.

I love the ease and effectiveness of a watercolor base. It can really pack a punch, or be soft and pastel. It really just depends on the amount of product you apply. I saw Robin Moses use watercolors a long time ago, and decided to invest in the same palette. It was only approx $4.00 😂 The brand is Artist's Loft, and I found it at Michaels. I got it online, because my local store didn't have it at the time, I have seen it in there since though. The palette is great, because the pigmentation of the paints is really strong. Not at all what I had in mind when I imagined watercolors.

I started out with a white base of Orly White Tips. Now the secret to applying watercolors to painted nails, is to matte top coat them. Only then will the watercolors really stick. I applied them in a random design, super easy and you don't have really blend, the water will do that naturally. And because the image I chose is a negative image, not much will show through anyway.

After I finished with the watercolors, I added one coat of Sinful Colors Opal top coat, just for a bit of sparkle and to seal the design. Next I stamped using Konad White, and the UC image. Seal with top coat and your done.

Because it was already in the afternoon, and I had another mani to do, the photos have a lot of shadowing. But I hope you still like the end result, and I have a video tutorial on my IG: @mrsluckyboy85. 

Review...Liquid Palisade by Kiesque

I was fortunate enough to recently receive a sample of Liquid Palisade, by Kiesque. It's an easy peel latex barrier, specifically designed for use in manicures and nail art.
I have used it in a few of my recent nail videos, and have been pleased with its performance.

My number one sticking point when it comes to latex barriers, is the stickiness! There is nothing worse than accidentally touching fingers, and having that stuff stick together, and eventually peel off as you try to separate those pesky digits. I am pleased to report this is not as sticky as some previous barriers I have tried, but it does still stick if held together. It will eventually peel, when separated.

It dries amazingly fast, and goes on thin and evenly. It's pale purple in color, that dries to a clear purple. I found this very useful, because my previous barrier was black. With the black barrier it can be hard to tell where the design ends, as I mostly stamp with black. It all blurred into one. With the pale purple it is easy to determine where the cuticle is.

The applicator brush is a dream! Thin, not too long and easy to maneuver around the nail. It didn't separate or clump. Bonus! The original has a wider style brush, and the French tip has a smaller thinner brush. Both super easy to use.

It peels off in one piece! Latex barrier porn 😂 It comes off easily and no residue is left behind. If you apply too little the first time, it's easy enough to apply a second coat right over the first.

Liquid Palisade is available and at select Sephora stores and online at It comes in two options, regular or for French tips. The price is $14.00 for 0.08oz

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tribal chevron nails

Todays prompt for #clairestelle8june is chevrons / zigzags.

That seemed like the perfect time to try out my Bundle Monster Festival Plate set! I had to have it, but months later it's still sitting untouched in my plate box 😂

I thought a peach / grey / white color scheme would work well. I couldn't really find the right peach color in my stash. I seem to have a whole draw of peach, but they were all too orange. I wanted something lighter and more pinkish, but to no avail. I must be on the lookout for some light peach shades.
Also I went in with no plan 😳 So it didn't quite work out, but I still like it. I wanted to do a gradient with stud accents on my ring finger, but after my color choices didn't work well together, I covered it up with stamping.
I used plate BM-S304 & 310. I love these plates, but find that the images are  just a bit too narrow for my thumb 😐 I always line the image up to the outside of my thumb, so that it looks ok in pictures. But the inside never looks too pretty 😆
My base is Essie Peach Side Babe and Serial shopper. These are an unusual consistency, and to be honest I don't love them for that. Too sheer. The grey is China Glaze IIC.
I stamped using Konad White, top coat is HK Girl.

And yes I made a tutorial, it's up on my IG.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Neon summer flowers

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and a Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads out there!

I've done a similar mani to this before, and had a few requests for a tutorial. Since I'm now getting the hang of it, I thought I would give it a go.

I found the perfect image on UberChic plate 10-02.  Tropical flowers that I could reverse stamp.

Specifically I had questions on blending China Glaze Lite Brites. I just dab the colors over one another. I found this time they didn't blend quite as well, because the temperate made the polish dry on the brush. It was in the mid 80's, so our A/C was blasting, and the vent is directly over my nail table 🙄

I started out with the yellow, blended to orange and then pink. I used 3 shades of pink for a bit of variation. The base is ILNP Mega with one coat of KleanColor Mr Right over it.
Stamping polish is MDU Black, top coat HK Girl.

Video is up on my Instagram, @mrsluckyboy85. 

Unicorn for #clairestelle8june

It's time for another nail art challenge, and the prompt for today is Unicorn. A popular theme that comes up time and time again, because who doesn't love Unicorns 🦄

I'm not sure that I love the outcome of this, my unicorn smudged slightly because I was too rough with the filling in, and it makes it look weird.

I started off with a base of ILNP First Class. It's a beautiful metallic silver, with silver holo & flakies.
Next I used my black UberChic mini for the first time, it was kindly sent to me for review some time back, and stamped a chevron pastel rainbow pattern, the image is from UberChic plate 9-01. To top it I added the star pattern from the new UberChic plate 10-03, in white. I wanted to keep it in Unicorn like colors 😄 I used the unicorn image from UC Fairytale-01, and reverse stamped it. After I had it all together, it just needed something more. I ended up going with 'shine like a star' from UC plate 8-03.

Video tut is up on my IG @mrsluckyboy85

Friday, June 17, 2016

Delicate humming bird mani

My first mani using the new UberChic collection 10 plates 😍

I was drawn immediately to the beautiful delicate humming bird image, and was thrilled to find a vine like image within the collection that I could pair with this. I really like it when that happens, saves going through tonnes of plates to find a mate 😜

My base is Femme Fatale Nala, from the Enchanted Fables Collection. I've had this sitting on my nail desk for some weeks, and knew that this was the mani to break it out for. Such a unique color, a grey brown creme with blue undertones, and a copper overlay. I was in awe the moment I saw this, and knew it had to be mine! I am slowly acquiring more and more polishes from the collection! 

The stamping polishes I used are from Mundo de Unas, Peace and Joy.  Beautiful dusty greens and blues. 

I must also mention the latex barrier I used for this look, it is Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, also kindly sent to me for review. This was my first time using it, probably because I couldn't get the cap off, and my husband never seemed to be home when I wanted to use it 😳 I am going to have a full review in a few days, I want to test it a bit more before I give my final thoughts on it. So far so good though. 

I also have a video up on Instagram of how I created this look. Two videos in two days,  pat on the back for me 😊 I have worked out the editing process and have some good apps to help me, so I hope to be making them more often. 

UberChic Beauty Collection 10 😍

UberChic are at it again, a new collection to add to the line up of amazing products, from this Indie maker.


I was sent this collection for review, and if you have been following me, you know it is a no brainer that I was going to love this one! But to be honest, I think it is one of my all time favorite UC collections   💖 Every plate spoke to me immediately, and my brain was ticking into overtime, with all the possibilities for amazing designs I could create. This pleases me, because there is nothing worse than staring at a plate with no inspiration of what you can create with it. I actually have a list of mani ideas that I keep as they pop into my head, and when I am feeling uninspired, I refer to it.

The designs are a mixed bag; floral, geometric and best of all a lot of negative images, yay! Also the scripts are amazing, Punch today in the face, how cool is that! I can't wait to use that one, because let's face it, we all have those days. Since my oldest son has 10 weeks summer break, I'm seem to be having a lot of "those" days 😂

As per usual the quality is 👌 And the customer service is second to none. It shipped on Friday, and I had it by Tuesday. It should have arrived Monday, but USPS dropped the ball.

So let's support the Indies and head on over to to purchase yours. Great value for 3 large sized plates.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New UberChic Madala Love Mini

Sooo excited, I received my new UberChic plates in the mail late Tuesday night, and totally fell in love with the UC Mini Madala Love 😍 How beautiful and intricate are the designs, this plate is right up my alley!

Brittany from UberChic Beauty designed this plate from one large image, and cut it into several smaller designs. They are perfect for reverse stamping, so of course that's what I did 😊

I was inspired by a mani by Urban Nail Art on IG, and since I recently received an order of nail foils, I decided to do my own version. And I even made a video of how I did it 😱 Please head over to my Instagram to check it out, for some reason blogger will not let me upload it.

You can purchase the new UberChic Mandala Love plate here Also available now is Collection 10, which I will have up on the blog tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


#rainbownailsfororlando In support for this weekends tragic events 🙏 Why can't we just all love one another?

My base is CBL Blonde Ambition, a skin toned holo, it's so pretty. I stamped the leopard print image from UberChic plate Out of Africa-01, with a whole host of MDU polishes. I just dropped a tiny bit of polish in the edge of the plate, scraped and blended lightly. I let the polish dry on the stamper and filed in the centers with BundleMonster White. Trimmed to size, placed on the nail and top coated.

I'm hoping my next mani will be using the new UberChic collection 10 plates. They should have arrived today, but our USPS is super unreliable, so no luck.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Femme Fatale Snow White

An old one today, because I had no time to do nails yesterday. My son's school friend had a farewell party, and by the time we got home I was tired and not in the mood for nails.

Femme Fatale Snow White is from the Enchanted Fables Collection, a beautiful thermal that changes from yellow to peach. It can be a tricky shade, especially for skin tones like mine that have red undertones. I prefer it in its cold state. The formula was great, three thin coats. The finish is satin, but I must gloss top coat all things.

I added some delicate stamping from UberChic plate 9-02, using MDU peach. I love how it turned out, I feel a feminine vibe from this mani 💖

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Doodle style messy flowers

A quick and easy one today, but I'm really digging these. So easy to create, sloppy and messy is just so fun!

I started with a base of Orly White Tips, over which I put one coat of Essie Over the Moonstone. It's a oil slick type top coat, but it didn't really show up in the photographs. It just gives a bit of shine. I found that you still need to top coat over it though, because it does not speed up polish drying time. I smudged my Cindy pinky, that's how I know 😂
I used image plate CJS-04 from Clear Jelly Stamper, and just messily stamped away. Polish is MDU Tulip, Fiji and Pastel Yellow. Top coat is HK Girl.

Hope your having a great Sunday 💛💚❤️

Saturday, June 11, 2016

This pineapple is too cool 🍍😎

Today's prompt for #clairestelle8june is fruit. I knew straight away that I had the perfect plate for this theme, UberChic plate 9-01. I decided to go with the pineapples 🍍

The base is a sunset gradient, it didn't go on as smoothly as I would have liked and was a bit so so, so out came the holo top coat to save the day 😂 I stamped the pineapples using MDU Black from UC plate 9-01. On the accent nail I used the hibiscus image as a base, from plate 7-01. I added the pineapple and script, and decided to give him some swag with sunglasses, which are from the Hipster-01 plate. I love how it turned out. Kinda reminds me of the candy crush saga game, but with fruit 😄

Hope you have a great weekend. It's a busy one for me, so I hope there's still nail time.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A England Wuthering Heights

I've been coveting A England's Wuthering Heights for many months. Sadly it was out of stock for the longest time, so when I got the Email that it was back in stock, my husband credit card was at the ready 😂

The formula on this polish is a dream. Two easy smooth coats and it was fully opaque. So effortless. The color, can we just take a moment. It's the perfect purplish grey holo, so elegant. I didn't want to take this one off. I will definitely be buying more A England, stat!

I accessorized it with this beautiful henna style image from UberChic plate 8-01. It's a buffet style image, which gives such a unique outcome,  a different design on each nail. Stamping polish is MDU White, top coat is HK Girl.

Tomorrow on the blog will be fruit inspired 🍍

Picture Polish Salt Water

Sorry this post is a lit late, I had a busy day yesterday. It was my oldest sons graduation from Kindergarden 🎓👦🏽 What an emotional day it was 😢😭. My son was fortunate enough to have the most wonderful teacher, she was like his second mom and we are all going to miss her dearly. I'm praying that my youngest son will also be lucky enough to have her, when his time for Kindergarden comes around, in 2 years. 🙏

As promised, today I'm going to share my very first Pictute Polish with you. The shade is called Salt Water, it's a collaboration between PP and Nailstorming on IG. What a beauty 😍 I'm such a sucker for aqua blue shades, and especially one with holo and fine glitter. It took 3 thin coats to build up, dried quickly and smoothly. I'm in love!

As per usual, I added nail art. I wanted to go nautical, since the name is Salt Water. I decided on a French tip style,, and absolutely love how this turned out. I used the anchor image from UberChic mini Nautical, and the rope image from plate 2-03. I made decals of this, because I wanted perfect placement. I used my Ubermat mini, which was very convenient since I decided to all 10 nails. A rarity, but since I had my sons graduation, I wanted to be neat and matching 😊

And in a side note, I was a thrilled fan girl when Nailstorming came to my IG and liked my picture and left a lovely comment. Also Picture Polish, which was such a nice surprise. Thank you ladies 😘