Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy roses

I decided to embark on the video making journey today, and film one of my mani's 😬
After suffering a full blown anxiety attack, I remember why I rarely make videos 😳 Trying to be neat, stay in frame and do things as quickly as possible is not for me!  I actually find that my mani's are more sloppy when trying to film them, because I'm in totally the wrong position to see what I'm doing! But after having received numerous requests for tutorials and now that IG has increased videos to 1 minute, I'm having another crack at it. And don't get me started on the editing, that sh*t seems to take forever 😩 Hats off to all the ladies that make videos all the time, I salute you nail sisters 🙌

Yesterday's prompt from the new UberChic challenge run by Superninjaflyingmonkey on IG is to post a mani using UC collection 1-3. I knew straight away which image I was going for, my favorite image of all time, the negative roses, from plate 1-02. I've used this image several times, and never get sick of it, because there are so many possibilities for different looks. That's the beauty with negative images.
I'm a day late because making that video took forever, and by the time I was done, my morning sunshine was afternoon sunshine, which for me is not good light to take pictures, so excuse the tardiness. Better late than never 😂

I started off with a fan brushed base using my UC mini mat, and the Color Club pastel neons.  The technique of dropping the polish on the side I got from Stuckinlacquer, Wendy, on IG. It works well, especially if you are generous with the amount of polish   It spreads better and gives better coverage across the whole decal.
Next I decided to add a bit of holo stamping, the word 'happy' from the same UC plate. I used EDK Andromeda as the polish. The roses were next, using MDU Black and my C Thru stamper. I positioned them so that every nail is slightly different, breaking it up a bit.
Place the decal on the nail, over a base of white, top coat and your done.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing behind the scenes, and stay tuned for another video coming up soon.