Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tribal chevron nails

Todays prompt for #clairestelle8june is chevrons / zigzags.

That seemed like the perfect time to try out my Bundle Monster Festival Plate set! I had to have it, but months later it's still sitting untouched in my plate box 😂

I thought a peach / grey / white color scheme would work well. I couldn't really find the right peach color in my stash. I seem to have a whole draw of peach, but they were all too orange. I wanted something lighter and more pinkish, but to no avail. I must be on the lookout for some light peach shades.
Also I went in with no plan 😳 So it didn't quite work out, but I still like it. I wanted to do a gradient with stud accents on my ring finger, but after my color choices didn't work well together, I covered it up with stamping.
I used plate BM-S304 & 310. I love these plates, but find that the images are  just a bit too narrow for my thumb 😐 I always line the image up to the outside of my thumb, so that it looks ok in pictures. But the inside never looks too pretty 😆
My base is Essie Peach Side Babe and Serial shopper. These are an unusual consistency, and to be honest I don't love them for that. Too sheer. The grey is China Glaze IIC.
I stamped using Konad White, top coat is HK Girl.

And yes I made a tutorial, it's up on my IG.

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