Sunday, June 26, 2016

Watercolor abstract flowers

Today on the blog I want to share some water colored abstract flowers, using UberChic plate 10-01.

I love the ease and effectiveness of a watercolor base. It can really pack a punch, or be soft and pastel. It really just depends on the amount of product you apply. I saw Robin Moses use watercolors a long time ago, and decided to invest in the same palette. It was only approx $4.00 😂 The brand is Artist's Loft, and I found it at Michaels. I got it online, because my local store didn't have it at the time, I have seen it in there since though. The palette is great, because the pigmentation of the paints is really strong. Not at all what I had in mind when I imagined watercolors.

I started out with a white base of Orly White Tips. Now the secret to applying watercolors to painted nails, is to matte top coat them. Only then will the watercolors really stick. I applied them in a random design, super easy and you don't have really blend, the water will do that naturally. And because the image I chose is a negative image, not much will show through anyway.

After I finished with the watercolors, I added one coat of Sinful Colors Opal top coat, just for a bit of sparkle and to seal the design. Next I stamped using Konad White, and the UC image. Seal with top coat and your done.

Because it was already in the afternoon, and I had another mani to do, the photos have a lot of shadowing. But I hope you still like the end result, and I have a video tutorial on my IG: @mrsluckyboy85. 

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