Friday, June 3, 2016

Tiny floral print with V accent

I've done a mani similar to this some time ago and loved it, and was super pleased to see another tiny floral bits & pieces image, on UberChic collection 8.

I think it looks so cute and busy, and makes for a nice change. I decided to go for a negative V accent, just to break it up a bit. I always want to stick a bow on anything with a negative V! I do not know why! I really must buy more bows, I only have a few different varieties in my collection, and nothing that looked right with this. So I didn't put a bow on it 😂

I reverse stamped this one on my clear stamper heads about a week ago. I colored in the tiny images using MDU stamping polishes, but didn't top coat them. The beauty of that is that it stays usable for a long time. Once the top coat is on it, it will go brittle and make it difficult to apply to the nail. But without it, you can keep them aside for as long as you need.
I actually painted China Glaze Whip it Good straight over the images, I prefer to do this when possible, to avoid air bubbles. Plus it's easy to smooth down when it's pliable. I cut a V out of the ring finger, and a coat of clear and your done!

Love the result, what do you think?

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