Tuesday, June 14, 2016


#rainbownailsfororlando In support for this weekends tragic events 🙏 Why can't we just all love one another?

My base is CBL Blonde Ambition, a skin toned holo, it's so pretty. I stamped the leopard print image from UberChic plate Out of Africa-01, with a whole host of MDU polishes. I just dropped a tiny bit of polish in the edge of the plate, scraped and blended lightly. I let the polish dry on the stamper and filed in the centers with BundleMonster White. Trimmed to size, placed on the nail and top coated.

I'm hoping my next mani will be using the new UberChic collection 10 plates. They should have arrived today, but our USPS is super unreliable, so no luck.

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