Monday, June 27, 2016

Mandala love foil mani

Happy Monday!

Today I have a mani I discovered by accident!  I was playing around with some ideas to put over a thermal polish I received for review, which is coming up tomorrow, and this is what I came up with. I have been trying to do a foil stamp on my Ubermat, for ages now. No luck. Until I was digging around in my huge nail art box, and found some foil I had completely forgotten about. It's super crumbly, which makes it perfect for stamping and foiling. My other attempts were with foil that was too sturdy.  I do actually have a mani very early on, on my IG using this technique. Funny how you forget about things like that. 

The trick to using this foil over stamping, is to find the right stamping polish, and to be super quick.  
I found Konad black works best. I tried other brands, but they dried to quick. I found a soft stamper and an image with a thick outline works well. I also turned my A/C off, because being directly under the vent is no good. But then the house was so hot, the polish dried fast anyway 🙄 
I was drawn to the UberChic Mandala plate, so many beautiful images here. I've used foil with these images twice now 😳 

For a look at how I actually did this, please head over to my IG, I have a video up there. 

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