Saturday, April 23, 2016

My all time favorite polish, Vapid Lacquer Sweaters and Denim

My first post... eeeek!

What better way to get this thing started than with my favorite all time polish, Vapid Lacquer Sweaters and Denim. Available from

Released in October of last year, this beauty has alluded me until very recently. It was one of those deals were I had the stores page open on my safari on my phone, and would literally check to see if it was back in stock, every few days or so. I missed the original release, because let's face it, I must have been living under a rock! After seeing so many beautiful swatches of this on instagram, I knew I needed this in my life. My lucky stars aligned, and I managed to snag this lemming in a recent restock. Yippee!

Can we just take a minute 😍
This is a thermal polish, which means it changes color, as there are changes in temperature. In its cold state it is a denim blue, but just look at that coopery sparkle that shines through. Ahhhh, pretty 😍 In its warm state it is a beautiful cooper gold. My favorite is when it's between the two, the tips blue, the nail bed cooper. I found three thin coats work best for the strongest transition effect. I have two on my Cindy hand (my right hand) and the blue is not as deep. I love this polish so much I never want to take it off! No really 😬

And of course I couldn't leave it alone, so had to stamp over the base. Inspired by the company logo, I stamped the mask image on my middle finger. The image is from UberChic Beauty plate "Zombie Love" available from The stamping polish I used is Mundo de Unas Black.
Top coat is HK Girl from Glisten & Glow.

Last but not least, I sweaterized Sweaters and Denim, with these adorable images from CreativeShop plate 04. It was just so fitting as this plate arrived in the mail the day after I received the polish, and the main theme of this plate seems to be sweater patterns. I just adore these cute woolly sheep. The sweater pattern was stamped with Mundo de Unas Glass and Bones.

Hope you'll join me for the next one. Till then 😊


  1. Such a beautiful polish! I surely will enjoy reading your blog...I love all your nail art!😍 IG nika1576

    1. Thank you so much doll, what a lovely and kind comment 😘 I am totally head over heels in love with this polish! Sadly I had to take it off, but I'm sure I will find a reason to use it again very soon in my nail art 😉