Thursday, April 28, 2016

Femme Fatale Glass Coffin

On the blog today is the totally breathtaking Femme Fatale Glass Coffin, from the Cinderella release.

It's a thermal, that shifts from a pale blue with green shimmer in its warm state, to a cool toned pale purple with purple shimmer when cold. Due to the pale colors the transition is not strongly noticeable, however it really is stunning either way 😍

I was slightly concerned whilst applying this, due the fact it seemed a bit brush strokey whilst wet, but thankfully these disappeared once dry. It dries to a satin sheen, but since I always top coat, it's shinny and shimmery! It has the most beautiful green shimmer, which is more noticeable depending on the angle.

As per usual I had to apply nail art. The heart images are stamped from UberChic plate 4-02, which you can purchase here I experimented with striping tape I received as a gift from an order I recently placed, and sadly it did not stay on any better than the tape I already have in my nail art stash 😕 The bows are from EBay. The stamping polish used is MDU Fantasy, top coat is HK Girl.

You can purchase this polish from

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  1. This nail polish is a joy to my eyes! Gorgeous! :-)