Sunday, April 24, 2016

Avert your eyes! My nakies!

A behind the scenes look at my nakies 😱

My naked nails are a sight rarely seen! Unlike a lot of the nail community, I'm a cheater and have fake nails 😜 Or as people like to refer to them, nail enhancements. Specifically I have silk wraps enhancements. This is a thin layer of silk, which is glued over my natural nail. I prefer this to other forms of enhancements, because they are thin yet strong, and allow the natural nail to breath slightly. Also I find that they require less chemicals than acrylic, but give basically the same result. I turned to silk wrap about 1 year ago, after having a allergic reaction to acrylics. The skin around my nails was blistering and swollen, and my natural nail started to lift from the nail bed 😷 It wasn't a pretty sight 😔 After reading up on the alternatives, I decided to give silk wrap a try, and haven't looked back since. I get them filled every two weeks at a local nail salon. My nail tech basically glues a new layer of silk over the top of my existing layer, after filing down the previous wrap. That stops it from getting too thick. Easy. The nail does however look ugly 😕 It's uneven looking in color from the glue, and definitely looks best covered with polish. I rarely have my nails unpolished, so lucky for me I have a polish obsession! 😂

Hope you stay tuned for the next one! 

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